Jake Pitman on Spring Showers and the Coming of May Flowers

Lawn care Arvada Colorado. That’s the first thing I want to talk about today In this blog. But it isn’t the last.

And why, you may ask, am I talking about lawn care in Arvada, Colorado?

Why, because Arvada, Colorado is where I live, of course; I am a long-time resident of that bustling little city in north Denver that feels like a small town. And this week people have started mowing their lawns.

A few were doing it last week, I suppose. But most got out their mowers and started doing it this week—especially after the afternoon of pouring-down rain that we experienced yesterday.


In any case, I have now spoken enough about lawn care in Arvada, Colorado, and would like to move on to other subjects (specifically, sing showers and the coming of May flowers.

But may I remind you before I do that I am Jake Pitman (AKA “WeHaveThePits”), the unknown blogger from north Denver who creates thousands and thousands of words every week that no one, or so it seems, ever sees.

I haven’t had any comments on my blog for more than two years. And all my friends say that I should give up. Why write if no one is going to read? That’s what they all say.

But they just don’t seem to understand. They don’t ‘get’ what it’s like to be a blogger in this world. Here I sit with my computer on my lap, banging out another blog that no one is ever going to read. But I don’t care, because it feels so good to be writing things. I just love the rapping banging on those computer keys as fast as I can with all ten of my fingers, giving form to ideas, shape to opinion.

Even though no on ever reads my blogs, I am going to keep writing them. My dedication, I must tell you, is absolutely total.