It was a great song, right? We had some fun in Indiana and it even proved to help our war wagon.

Most of you regular readers of this Jake Pitman blog, (we’re not actually sure if we have any) know that in my former life, I repaired toilets and later walked many a roof spreading tar.

As I arrived at my golden years of life and became a blogger, I decided to change our site by buying a used RV, driving across the country and discovering all the wonderful things this country has to offer and reporting those findings to you!

Today on our site, I am going to recount for you about an amazing discovery I came upon in the backwoods of Southern Indiana, just outside of Louisville.

We Like Forests

 When we roughed-out the route our trek through Americana would take, instead of drawing up plans to drive James Brown’s superhighway’s, we called up views of national and state forests wanting to hit as many of them as possible.

Indiana was no exception and it was a high priority to see the Hoosier National Forest.

This would take us through such quaint places as Loogootee, French Lick, Paoli and Orleans (just to name a few) on our way to Louisville, Kentucky where visiting the Louisville Slugger Museum was also high on our list.

I knew my readers would also expect to hear about it on our site.

What really struck us in all the places in Indiana we stopped at was the spectacular flooring they had!

Normally, one might take flooring for granted, but in every Mom & Pop store we entered, we saw very rich floors, some made of exotic looking wood planks like bamboo, some made out of artificial, spongy textures that were like walking on a cloud, others with bright colors and just a variety of things that made the floor stand out.

I got into the habit of asking the shop owners about their floors and I was astounded to hear the same answer from each of them. “Darrel did it!” That’s what they all said.

“You’re not the first traveler to come in here and ask about our floors. Here’s his business card!” He whipped out a card from a small stack he had behind the cash register.

Floors by Penner, it said. So, I went back into the RV and used the laptop to look up and see what it was all about.

Time For An Upgrade

 Truth be told, we bought our used Winnebago RV because it looked like brand new from the outside. But on the inside, not so much so.

The floor was particularly shabby. There was even a hole in one spot you could see the ground below.

When I saw Darrel’s website, particularly the superb work he did fabricating bathrooms, I just instinctively knew he was the right person to contact.

When I find something good, I naturally want to blog about it on our site. Orleans was our next stop so I called Floors By Penner at (812) 844-0838 to see if Darrel was up for giving our RV a once over.

He said that installations on mobile homes and RV’s was not his main line of work but he would be happy to review our situation, especially since we could actually drive right up to his place at 7869 E County Road 250 S in Orleans and he could walk right outside and see the condition of our RV’s interior.

A Delightful Surprise

From the moment I saw the bamboo flooring on the Floors By Penner website, I was partial to them.

The square footage of flooring inside an RV is limited but because of the relatively tiny quarters, it needs to be well planned and meticulously installed.

Darrel provided us with an estimate that was exceptionally affordable. It seems that leveling the floor beneath whatever he installs is a prerequisite and he even had some materials in his shop that would fill up the hole we had near the kitchen.

I asked him for a recommendation where we could stay while the installation took place. I had figured it would eat up a day, at least.

He told us that this was a simple job and it wouldn’t take more than a few hours.

It was probably the best day of our entire trip across the country! Now you know why I felt the need to blog about this on our site!